Stella Natura 2016 Biodynamic Planting Calendar

Stella Natura 2016 Biodynamic Planting Calendar

Planting Charts and Thought-Provoking Essays

Edited by Sherry Wildfeuer

This Calendar has many aspects: a basic introduction to astronomy, a simple ephemeris, a planting guide, a star map, aid for following the movement of the planets in the night sky, and articles by nine different authors. All of these attempt to provide a true picture of the world outside us and ideas to assist in developing a healthy relation to that world.

Our New Articles Will Inspire and Guide

Writing in her introduction to this year's calendar, Sherry Wildfeuer notes:

"This calendar is dedicated to supporting a healthy approach to agriculture and to life. It does so by widening our perspective to include the movements of the moon and planets through the constellations and explaining how to time seed sowing, cultivation, and harvesting to enhance the quality of your crops.

"It does so also through monthly articles that develop ideas necessary for a new view of our relation to the land – as stewards, growers, eaters, and shoppers. Several stories turn to the gifts we are offered through the animals; you will be heartened and enlightened by following the progress of biodynamics in India; and the theme of bread is continued. "You will be led to appreciate the joys of wild nature through Thoreau's essay on "Wild Apples," and to explore the inner dynamics of life and death in the composting process, where we must seek the balance between neglect and over-manipulation.

"Those who recall the poignant article in last year's calendar about the separation of calves from their mothers on dairy farms will be pleased to learn that on our farm in Kimberton Hills the calves now run with their mothers on pasture during the day. This is beautiful to behold and is a wonderful example of how ideals can be put into practice to transform outworn systems.

"As I send this thirty-ninth issue of Stella Natura into the world I feel as strongly as ever how important each person is in creating a healthy future for our earth. We each need to take into consideration the laws inherent in nature when making decisions that will impact the natural world.